International Students

Studying at a university in another country can be difficult. The EALC undergraduate advisor Ania Peczalska has studied abroad and has first hand experience in studying in a university outside of the country she grew up in. She invites international students to make appointments with her to discuss courses, EALC and EAS academic planning, study abroad in China, Japan, or Korea, the process transferring courses from foreign universities into specific EALC courses, or any other academic questions they have about the EALC department.  The following resources can be also useful for international students.

Office of International Services

This is the main webpage for international students. This is one of the main resources for international students. Students can learn about visas and other information relevant to their IUB studies.

Leo R. Dowling International Center

For students looking for a place to meet other international students or learn English this website shows ways on how to meet and interact with other international students.

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