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Studying at IUB might be challenging and there are many things to keep track of. Please take a look at the following academic resources that can help you in your time at IUB.

Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

This report is what the undergraduate advisor Ania Peczalska uses to see what requirements students have fulfilled. For details on how to read your AAR click on this link. You can also check your academic progress by doing the following:

  1. Log on to Onestart
  2. Click on “My Academics & Grades” on the left-hand side
  3. Select “View My Advisement Report”
  4. Select “Bloomington” for  “Institution” and “AAR & Transcript” for “Report Type” using the drop  down arrows
  5. Click the yellow “Process Request” button
  6. Once in the report, select “Expand All” to better see all the classes you have taken.

It is important for students to not only rely on their AAR but also to stay in contact with academic advisors in their major(s) and minor(s) to make sure they are on the right path towards graduation.

Schedule of Classes

This is where students can find information on classes for present, past, and future semesters. It is also recommended for students to look here before registering for future classes since updated information about course restrictions and what general education and CASE (College of Arts and Sciences Education) requirement(s) are fulfilled are listed under each course.

Intensive Writing and Other Special Courses

Students looking to register for Intensive Writing, Critical Approaches (formerly Topics), or 8 week classes can go this web page and find lists of what classes fulfill these requirements under individual semesters.

Calendars and Schedules 

Students with questions about when final exams are, want to know when spring or fall break is, or curious about future semester schedules can find all their answers on this website on IUB official calendars.

Enrollment Bulletin

The Enrollment Bulletin is a great resource for students with general questions about financial aid, campus resources, or registration.

College of Arts and Sciences Academic Bulletins

This Bulletin is extremely helpful for students to see the different types of majors in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as course descriptions for each department and what requirements each course fulfills. Appendices at the back address what courses in each department fulfill culture studies requirements, breadth of inquiry (distribution for students beginning their Indiana University study in Spring 2011 or earlier). To prepare for registration students can read course descriptions in the 2011-12 Academic Bulletin. Students under the new general education requirements should go to 2011-12 Academic Bulletin to see how courses fulfill their graduation requirements, while other students should go to the bulletin in the year they entered IUB or for inter-campus transfer students the year they started studying at an IU campus. If students are not sure what year their requirements are under please email the undergraduate advisor Ania.

Dropping College of Arts and Sciences Majors and Minors

Academic advisors declare majors and minors, however students need to drop majors and minors themselves. This page will allows students to drop these majors and minors as well as add minors from other other schools.

List of College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advisors

Students looking for a list of College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advisors should go no further. This web page lists the contact information for all the advisors which is helpful in declaring majors, minors, as well as any other academic questions students may have about other departments inside the College of Arts and Sciences.

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