Academic Help

Are you struggling in one or some of your classes? Not sure where to go next and considering withdrawing from some or all of your classes? The EALC undergraduate advisor Ania Peczalska can help you make a plan on what to do next. The following resources are some that she would recommend as well.

Student Advocates Office

The Student Advocates Office is based in Eigenmann Hall 229 and the advocates are retired IU faculty and administrators who work as volunteers. They can help with various academic issues and work with students who wish to withdraw from all classes in a semester.

Student Academic Center

Students who are struggling academically can go to the Student Academic Center for support. The Center can help students target specific learning problems and identify academic weaknesses. The center also sponsors free workshops and academic courses that students can attend.

Writing Tutorial Services

Writing Tutorial Services is an excellent place to go to get help in any stage of the writing process. Students struggling with papers or writing in general can benefit from this free service.

Mathematics Learning Center

Students struggling with M014, M018, M025, M026, M027, D116, D117, J111, J112, J113, T101, and T103 can go to the Mathematics Learning Center when classes are in session for extra help. Information for students needing assistance with M118, M119, M120, M211, M121, S212, and M213 is also on this page.

Disability Services for Students

If students have a disability or want to learn more about options for students with disabilities this website is for them.

Adaptive Technology and Accessibility

If students have physical problems using a keyboard or writing, a mental learning disability, or vision or hearing difficulties that are holding them back from succeeding academically this center is for them. The Adaptative Technology and Accessibility provides services for students needing extra technology to help them succeed, whether it is learning software or devices to make using a computer easier.

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