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Summer 2012 Korean Studies Program

To whom it may concern,


  This is Office of International Affairs at Sogang University, and writing to introduce Sogang Korean Studies Summer Program. Please take a look at the attached brochure about the Sogang Korean Studies Summer Program.


  The program offers an innovative and flexible combination of team-taught Korean Studies Seminars (in English) and Korean language instruction. The program is the product of collaboration among the Office of International Affairs, faculty at Sogang University and our partner universities, and our Korean Language Education Center.


  Through this collaboration, we are able to offer a range of interdisciplinary courses and faculty-led field trips that will give students an in-depth understanding of various aspects of Korean society and culture and history, as well as many opportunities to experience both traditional and modern Korea.


  The experience and learning environment will be enhanced by the collaborative teaching of Sogang University professors and visiting professors from our partner universities, and by the daily interaction with Sogang University students who will also be participating in all of the courses and field trips.


  This year, the topics of are:
          – Korean Studies Seminar 1: Hallyu and Music
            Hallyu(Korean Wave) and Social Media (Jang Kim, University of Hawaii at Manoa)

            Korean Oral Narrative and Musical Tradition Today (Chan Park, The Ohio State Univ.)

          – Korean Studies Seminar 2: Architecture and Literature
Korean Architecture: From Modernist Origins to the Asian Avant-garde  (Marcus Shaffer, The Pennsylvania State Univ.)
            Modern Korean Literature in its Context (An Sonjae, Sogang Univ.)
          – Korean Studies Seminar 3: Language and Migration

            Convergence and Divergence in Korean Language Context: From Hyangga to K-Pop Rap
            (Sun Young Oh, City Univ. of Hong Kong)
            Departures and Arrivals: Transformation of Contemporary Korea Through Migration
            (Edward Park, Loyola Marymount Univ.)

          – Korean Studies Seminar 4: Literature and Politics
            Political Aspects of Korean Literature (Maurizio Riotto, Naples Univ. of Oriental Studies)
            Korean Politics (Dong Taek Kim, Sogang Univ.)

For more information, visit our website ( and feel free to e-mail us at


Please share this information and the enclosed materials with prospective students and relevant faculty. I believe that the Korean Studies Summer Program will be a great experience for those who are interested, and I thank you for your cooperation.




Ji Hye (Sophia) Park

Sogang Korean Studies Summer Program

Sogang University

Tel: 82-2-705-8118  Fax: 82-2-705-8119



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